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Careerjoy HR Services Oy

You can enjoy work – CAREERJOY!

Careerjoy offers professional and reliable Human Resources Manager and coaching and training services for the genuine needs of small and medium sized companies. Our competitive edge is strong expertise, passion for great leadership and solid business acumen. Our experts offer you their time, competence and interest in human resources matters which will assist in furthering your goals.

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HR Express

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Hire us when you need a Human Resources professional as an extra resource or in special circumstances. We can work with your organisation part-time or on a temporary basis, for example on:

  • Personnel planning
  • Recruitment
  • Planning and executing training
  • Developing occupational well-being
  • Changes in the organisation, eg. restructuring or redundancies
  • Challenges in the working community

Redundancies with respect

If you are faced with an organisational change, having to restructure and make people redundant, we help you to run the process smoothly and respectfylly both professionally and legally. We offer the following services:

 Managers: Planning and preparation of the redundancy process and, at the same time, ensuring the motivation and operative abilities of the remaining personnel

Employees: Outplacement training as one to one or group training.

Positivity brings results

training and coaching for different needs

We offer training for managers and different employee groups based on jointly agreed goals and positive thinking. All content is tailor made to fit your unique situation and needs. The situations could be:

  • First time manager
  • Developing as a leader
  • Working better together
  • Challenging situations or problems
  • Occupational well being
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching