About Us

Careerjoy is a Finnish company owned by experienced HR professionals. We employ experts who work as entrepreneurs and specialize in strategic HR management and development. Training and coaching are also part of our portfolio. Our goal is to ensure that every Careerjoy professional is valued by our clients: they are eager to innovate, passionately committed to developing our clients’ businesses, and genuinely care about people and achieving results.

The core idea behind founding Careerjoy remains enabling joy at work, long careers, and successful achievements. Our aim is to create a better work life where everyone can leverage their strengths and thrive in their careers. We have built Careerjoy into the best possible workplace for ourselves and our entrepreneur partners. 

Our way of working

We aim to develop the Finnish work life through excellent HR management, both by training and acting as HR partners who understand business. We make it possible for the entrepreneur and the company’s key personnel to focus on their core competencies while we act as their HR experts and sparring partners.

Together with the customer, we define the needed expertise always suitable for the situation.

We listen carefully

We genuinely commit to finding the best solution, listening carefully and challenging contructively.  We thoroughly immerse ourselves in your company and get to know your people. We collect information to understand a, so that together, we can succeed in achieving the...

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Customer-centric approach

We are committed to solving our clients' challenges and approach them as our own. We  provide services that are both profitable and cost-effective. Our HR experts and trainers act as partners to our clients, bringing with them an independent role, responsibility,...

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Careerjoy professionals

The Careerjoy team provides you with a customer representative and a specialist or a team responsible for the service offered. We aim to match you with the best professional who would also fit into your company culture.  
Our professionals have special expertise in certain HR areas or extensive experience in managing the entire HR function.

Our training network consists of experienced and skilled trainers who have received excellent feedback. All Careerjoy professionals share a commitment to continuous self-improvement. Each of our partners, have a mentor and a work partner provided by Careerjoy.

Kristiina Pihlaja

CEO, HR professional, Certified coach

Jonna Pekkala

Account Manager, Certified coach

Heidi-Maria (Hema) Kokkonen

HR professional, Certified Business Coach ®

Arja Marttinen

Arja Marttinen


Do you want to free up your time and make sure that your personnel administration works safely, quickly, and respectfully? Our HR services offer a flexible solution for exactly this.

Our comprehensive services include personnel management, support of supervisors and implementation of various development projects. We are committed to being more than just a service provider, as our experts work closely as part of your work community, while following your company’s practices.

Our philosophy “We are working with you” is a promise that we are committed to making your company’s personnel management carefree, interactive, and successful.