Kristiina Pihlaja

CEO & Senior HR Consultant

+358 40 7473 707

Kristiina has versatile experience across the employment lifecycle: recruitment, development, training, leading and change situations. Kristiina is customer focused, sales oriented human resources professional who asks questions, challenges and encourages. Her style is collaborative, flexible and goal-oriented and she sees the added value of creating a big picture. Kristiina working languages are both in Finnish and English.

She is enthusiastic and encouraging, gets others along to make a change and get results. Through her own example, she challenges others to challenge themselves. Her principle is that work “must be fun and be profitable.”

Jonna Pekkala

Business Director & Coach

+358 40 5034 595

Jonna has successfully coached staff in Finnish organizations and developed different portfolios for different training and development needs. She is an energetic, present and inspiring person whose coaching allows participants to reflect on their own perspective and get ideas and tips for their daily lives.

The humorous humor and the immediate atmosphere are familiar with Jonna’s coaching.

She always starts planning a training by mapping the current situation, and she utilizes eg. NLP, Thomas analysis, and other appropriate methods. In addition to coaching, due to her commercial background, she has vast experience in service commercialization, sales, marketing and customer relationship management. Jonna coaches in both Finnish and English.



Nina Ranimaa

HR Professional

Nina has worked for several organizations with various roles and projects, last years in the field of HR process development and labor & welfare law. Her special expertise areas are work-ability management and occupational health development.

Nina is a flexible problem solver who can identify and formulate constructive solutions of her clients. She understands well financial realities of the business and strives to help organizations to achieve their strategy.

Good employee experience is built on a solid foundation of clear roles, responsibilities and processes, incentive goals, and consistent and equal leadership.

Nina is inspired by the possibilities of platform and sharing economy. Also HR functions are facing major changes in the coming years. It’s great to be involved!

Motto: ”Chance favours the prepared mind.”

Heidi-Maria (Hema) Kokkonen

HRD Manager and Certified Business Coach®

Heidi-Maria aka Hema is a Human Resource Management and Interaction Professional, Career and Business Coach with a wealth of business experience. In addition to her versatile business and change management experience, Hema has the ability to move smoothly from entity to detail and from strategic planning to operational role.

As a coach, facilitator and HR partner, empathetic Hema is solution-focused, supportive and persistent. Hema promotes collaborative learning and dialogue in the work community by facilitating and modeling tacit knowledge.

Building the best workplace with good HR management and enthusiastic and motivated staff are the goals we are working towards at Hema. Hema lights up on doing and the effectiveness of doing things together. Hema can safely be given overall responsibility or a project that requires a settlement, change, or start-up.

Hema’s leadership and HR experience in challenging roles in start-ups and growth companies provide a solid foundation of experience as a strategic partner and coach for management and HR in change situations.

Motto: ”What got you here won’t get you there.”

Peppi Härme

Senior Advisor & Chairman of the board

Broad experience across the human resources field including training, facilitating, coaching, mentoring, recruitment and change situations as well as coaching and sparring managers. Peppi is an encouraging partner, a true people person, who has a strong solution focused approach ensuring that different ideas are put into a big picture and cohesive action, not forgetting follow- up and impact. She is an excellent communicator in both Finnish and English. Peppi believes that a positive approach combined with a systematic and strategic process leads to best results.

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