Careerjoy HR Services Oy

 Do you want a worry-fee HR Service?

Do you want to focus on your core competencies – growing your business?


HR as a Service (HRaaS)

Let HR professionals handle personnel matters. You only pay for “power hours”.

You can flexibly purchase HR services for an hourly, project, or monthly fee.

You can also recruit a temporary or permanent HR professional who understands business

Careerjoy coaching services

When you need a reliable partner to develop the skills of your staff and supervisors, we tailor coaching to your business needs.

We are happy to discuss how we can help.


HR Manager Service (HR as a Service HRaaS)

When you need an HR professional, either part-time or fixed-term, project-based or on a permanent basis.

We offer services related to the entire life cycle of the employment relationship:

Auditing of statutory HR documents
Recruitment, employment contracts and resourcing planning
Employee experience
Employer branding
Supervisors’ coaching
Mapping and implementation of coaching needs
Development and competition for well-being at work
Various changes, e.g. adjustment
Co-operation negotiations
Challenges for the work community
Payroll management outsourcing


 HR Audit 

You can start smoothly and audit statutory documents. We review your company’s statutory documents related to the Collaboration Act. A list of statutory documents will be sent in excel format in advance.

Audit package also includes missing statutory documents and, as a value-added service, consulting on their content.

You can also combine parts of the HR Starter Pack in auditing.


HR Starter Pack

Starter packages contain the necessary statutory documents and their sparring for supervisors. At the same time, we can update your company’s personnel manual and supervisor guidance. We only focus on the things you want to invest primarily in.

With the starter pack, you ensure that your company’s employee experience and corporate culture rise to the “next level”.


 HR Starter pack under 20 employees can include following

 It begins with assessment  current situation vs target situation. 










































































































Recruitment Services

We specialize especially in the recruitment of HR and financial management professionals. Contact us when you need an HR professional to support your recruitment.

We also respond to the recruitment needs of our client companies, and work together to design the most effective channels and recruitment methods to help them find the professionals they need.

You can flexibly purchase services at hourly or flat rates. The recruitment service comes with a six-month guarantee and we also work as a sparring buddy for the selected person.

Candidate testing as a value added service. Our partner S&S Consulting offers packages that include personality, aptitude, case and / or simulation tasks to support your recruitment decision.


Customer experience in recruitment service:

“As the company grew, there was a need to hire a skilled and energetic HR manager. The professionalism of my Careerjoy recruiter and background in demanding HR management roles convinced me. The whole process worked through the process of defining the job description and writing the announcements, pre-qualifying and interviewing suitable candidates, presenting selected candidates, scheduling appointments, and reviewing references. The personal evaluation provided by a Careerjoy’s partner also added value in choosing the right person for the company.”

Jussi Palola
Virta Oy

Redundancies with respect

If you are faced with an organisational change, having to restructure and make people redundant, we help you to run the process smoothly and respectfylly both professionally and legally. We offer the following services:

 Managers: Planning and preparation of the redundancy process and, at the same time, ensuring the motivation and operative abilities of the remaining personnel

Employees: Outplacement training as one to one or group training.

Positivity brings results

training and coaching for different needs

We offer training for managers and different employee groups based on jointly agreed goals and positive thinking. All content is tailor made to fit your unique situation and needs. The situations could be:

  • First time manager
  • Developing as a leader
  • Working better together
  • Challenging situations or problems
  • Occupational well being
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching

Goal- or development discussion

Having a good goal or development discussion improves performance when you know what you need to accomplish. Commitment to work improves when you see that work is meaningful. Well-being at work increases when feedback is received. This coaching is often part of the hr starter package.

Early support

Early support is an important part of leadership in addition to development discussions. Raising issues for discussion can be easy for some and very difficult for others. Social skills can and should be practiced so that discussions will serve their purpose and produce the desired end result. This training is often part of the hr starter package.

Facilitating Mentoring

Mentoring is one of the most cost-effective forms of learning when it is goal-oriented. However, to succeed, it requires commitment, ambition and open discussion of expectations. It is highly recommended that a mentoring agreement is drawn to support the process and increase commitment. When facilitating mentoring, expectations and goals are reviewd to ensure a common understanding and success of mentoring.