Organisational change

In every successful work community, changes in the company and employment life cycle are constant and there may be several of them simultaneously. Some of them can be prepared for in advance, while others require quick decisions and quick reactions. 

We are your partner for successful change.

Examples of change situations supported by Careerjoy: 

  • Assessment of the need for change 
  • Assessment of the impact of the change on personnel (including changes in strategy, strategic workforce planning: number of personnel, skills, well-being at work, job organization, and support during the change process. 
  • Planning of options for the change
  • Communication of the change situation, support and training for supervisors to help them lead their teams through the change process.
  • Assessment of the obligation to negotiate changes under the co-operation negotiations.
  • Planning and implementation of the change and negotiation processes for possible layoffs and / redundancies.

Our service in business growth

  • Legal employer obligations are changing. 
  • Developing current HR processes and services to better serve the success of business goals. 
  • Building a management system and defining the roles and tasks of supervisors. 
  • Developing the skills of supervisors. 
  • Establishing an HR function or hire a person for an HR role. 
  • Recruitment services. 
  • Development of onboarding processes.

Our service in adaptation situations: 

Through planning and coaching, we ensure that decisions made, upcoming changes, and potential termination situations can be implemented and carried out successfully, with the necessary resources correctly allocated. 

The primary option is to determine whether the measures planned are sufficient for organizational restructuring or if retraining or other temporary measures, such as lay offs, are needed. 

A well-managed change enhances employer brand.

Termination situation planning and support

The planning of change begins with understanding the current state and goals of the business. This is followed by considering actions to carefully implement business restructuring and staff reductions, ensuring legality, and taking into account human perspectives. We...

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Do you want to free up your time and make sure that your personnel administration works safely, quickly, and respectfully? Our HR services offer a flexible solution for exactly this.

Our comprehensive services include personnel management, support of supervisors and implementation of various development projects. We are committed to being more than just a service provider, as our experts work closely as part of your work community, while following your company’s practices.

Our philosophy “We are working with you” is a promise that we are committed to making your company’s personnel management carefree, interactive, and successful.