Training and Coaching

Effective and personalized training that works.

Our trainings are unique because they are not based on predefined end results. Instead, our goal is to generate new insights and agree on something completely new together. We always build the trainings in a people-oriented way, listening and utilizing the valuable expertise of the participants. 

To ensure mutual success, we always first delve deeper into our client’s business operations, work culture, and its people. We create a vision based on the need identified by the customer, often also the people participating in the trainings share their views by answering either an electronic survey or through an interview. Our coaching philosophy is strongly solution-focused, respectful of diversity, and inspiring. 

Our coaches are more like partners and motivators than all-knowing guides.


Group training

The themes and objectives for group trainings are normally chosen based on the needs and preferences of each customer as well as the insight that we’ve got during the background work, visiting the office/ some meetings, interviews etc. Common themes in 2024 are diversity, co-working and collaboration, coping with challenging people situations and communication.

Effective, interactive, and clear communication 

Today’s work life puts pressure on interaction, and messages can get blurred along the way. Interaction is continuous influencing and being influenced, so developing is an ongoing process.   During the training participants will be able to observe their own ways...

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Motivation and self-management 

People are motivated in different ways and understanding your own motivation factors is a key to self-management. Our training, based on discussions and experiments, creates space for new insights.

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Building on diversity in the work community

Team dynamics, work community skills and productivity-promoting factors require ongoing attention. Spending time together with your team with a professional facilitator enables you to build on team’s traits and strengths understanding your own character traits help...

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Individual training

We also offer individual and confidential coaching that is tailored to each person’s situation and focuses on supporting their goals.

MindSupport -service

Everyone's mind gets tangled up sometimes.   MindSupport is our individual coaching service tailored for stressful situations affecting our work performance. It's a solution-focused and resource-oriented support for individuals aimed at helping them stay at their best...

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Coaching: Effective development with a personal touch

Coaching is a powerful development tool where the coach helps you find solutions and alternatives and utilize your potential to achieve your goals. The active involvement of the coachee is central, focusing on strengths and solution-oriented work to maximize the...

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We also use various tools, exercises, and assessment methods in our trainings

The Workplace Nordic 360° assessment complements the Workplace Big Five profiling and provides a basis for developing one’s own operations in different contexts.

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ is a personality assessment tool adapted for the workplace, based on the five main traits and 23 subtraits. It's an excellent tool for team development, assessing and building leadership capabilities, career planning, defining...

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Workplace Nordic 360°

Workplace Nordic 360° is a tool that supports self-awareness, leadership, teamwork, and personal development. It provides a comprehensive view of how an individual's personality impacts collaboration and helps identify their strengths and challenges. The survey...

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Do you want to free up your time and make sure that your personnel administration works safely, quickly, and respectfully? Our HR services offer a flexible solution for exactly this.

Our comprehensive services include personnel management, support of supervisors and implementation of various development projects. We are committed to being more than just a service provider, as our experts work closely as part of your work community, while following your company’s practices.

Our philosophy “We are working with you” is a promise that we are committed to making your company’s personnel management carefree, interactive, and successful.